Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Party 2015!!!

The annual LSI summer party was a fun-filled night with students from all four campuses coming together to celebrate the summer. This year the party was held at Oiwake, a Japanese restaurant, in Little Tokyo. 

Students and teachers gathered on Friday night (July 24th) to enjoy a delicious dinner buffet that featured a variety of Japanese dishes. 

It was great to see students, teachers, and the staff hang out in a casual environment and have some wonderful conversations. Many students and teachers sang Karaoke at the restaurant.

The highlight of the night was definitely the talent contest (Language Systems’ Got Talent) which featured four acts. The contestants were: a group of three ladies (Ruthy Bopasa, Akev and Franceemma from The DR Congo) that showcased African dance, a Japanese guitar player (Masatoshi Nishimura aka Matt), another Japanese guitar player (Ryo Higuchi) who played an electronic guitar and lastly a Japanese couple (Saharu Saito & Kai Hasegawa) who sang a gospel song. 

The gospel singers were eventually announced as the winners of the $500 prize. 

After the contest everyone danced to the music played by a Live DJ. It was definitely a night to remember. If you weren't able to attend the party and would like to watch some of the performances, head over to the LSI Facebook  or YouTube page and feel free to hit LIKE!

Sushant – #DTLA Teacher and Assistant PC

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hotel Cafe with Daniel Landau!!!

On the evening of July 11th, LSI students were treated to an evening of music by local and national touring acts at the Hotel Cafe, One of Hollywood's best venues for live music. 

On the bill that evening was the record release of a band called "The Battlefield", who announced that they would be touring around the country following that evening's concert at Hotel Cafe. If you are looking to see some of the best up-and-coming musical acts that really has something to offer, this is the place for you almost any night of the week.

Daniel Landau - #DTLA Teacher

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Salsa Night with Lorena!

Another fabulous salsa night dancing our hearts out. 

Practice makes perfect! 

Besides meeting new students and making new friends, the students showed off their salsa skills with each other. 

Live Latin music set the mood for spinning and dancing around the entire dance floor.

South Bay Salsa Night continues to be a popular hit with all students, girls and boys of all ages.

Keep on "salsa-ing!"

Lorena Marina - #NELA Teacher

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NELA Graduation Potluck 2015!!!

Alhambra’s spring graduation was a total blast! We were able to have a pre-Fourth of July celebration with a barbecue and a potluck full of varieties for all tastes.  

It’s not always easy to spend a fun day with students as Program Coordinator, but I must admit that between cooking, volleyball, badminton, photography, and handing out certificates, I had a great opportunity to connect with everyone.  

We’re very proud of students’ achievements and their ability to surprise us with their creativity and personality. 

Both morning and afternoon classes were able to partake in a full day of sports, games, and some sunburns.  

I look forward to our next graduation party and hope all Language Systems students have as much fun as we did. 

Carlos Takashima - #NELA Program Coordinator

Monday, July 6, 2015

Bowling with Teacher Caroline!!!!

On Friday, June 26th, a group of LSI students joined Teacher Caroline after the evening graduation ceremony, to bowl at Shatto 39 Lanes! 

Everyone had a fantastic time. 

They especially enjoyed the company and good music. 

Very fun atmosphere overall.

Caroline - #DTLA Teacher

Getty Center with Daniel Landau!!

On Saturday June 20th, some very lucky students went to the Getty to enjoy outdoor music, evening views of the city, and to take in the refreshing summer exhibitions in a casual and spontaneous atmosphere.

The summer evening featured performances by your soon-to-be favorite bands, along with DJ sets to open and close the night. The live music for the evening was the genre-defying band "Shannon and the Clams."

It was a great time, and the students loved it :)

Daniel Landau - #DTLA Teacher