Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NELA Graduation Potluck 2015!!!

Alhambra’s spring graduation was a total blast! We were able to have a pre-Fourth of July celebration with a barbecue and a potluck full of varieties for all tastes.  

It’s not always easy to spend a fun day with students as Program Coordinator, but I must admit that between cooking, volleyball, badminton, photography, and handing out certificates, I had a great opportunity to connect with everyone.  

We’re very proud of students’ achievements and their ability to surprise us with their creativity and personality. 

Both morning and afternoon classes were able to partake in a full day of sports, games, and some sunburns.  

I look forward to our next graduation party and hope all Language Systems students have as much fun as we did. 

Carlos Takashima - #NELA Program Coordinator

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