Monday, November 6, 2017

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval

It's Halloween! The Pasadena students participated in the colorful West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval. It is considered to be the biggest Halloween party with thousands of people displaying their best costumes and dancing the night away.

By Marco, Teacher at NELA  

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween 2017

It is Halloween again... The streets were full of children trick-or-treating and a lot of people were dressed up at work and schools. 
Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at Language Systems! 
The schools were all decorated and we had candy everywhere.
It was so much fun to see everyone in costumes!
Check out some pictures from our costume and pumpkin carving contests: 


Check out our blog next month for our Thanksgiving pictures! 

 By Ligia, Program Coordinator at DTLA  

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween Knott's Scary Farm

Once upon a time, a teacher and 17 students went to Knott's Scary Farm and it was super scary!  First we had to suffer the endless traffic to Buena Park in a blood-red colored van, hich took about an hour and 45 mins.  Luckily we were all prepared with great music like "Despicito"  and "I'm the One"  so we sang our way through the traffic nightmare.  Upon arriving to the park with half of our group, the next task was to find the other half somewhere near the huge line of people at the front entrance. The first group decided to enter the park, while I waited for three rest of our group to arrive! The park was so scary for the moment we stepped into the park.  

From the foggy Zombie alley, to the New Orleans Haunted House and even the very loopy, twisty, upside-downy Silver Bullet rollercoaster- we screamed for 6 hours! By the time we walked like the dead back to the van, everyone was worn out.  In the end we would all recommend Knott's Scary Farm... It's definitely the opposite of NOT scary so beware!

By DJ, Teacher at SBLA  

Friday, October 27, 2017

Knott's Scary Farm

Last night several students from our Orange County campus visited Knott's Scary Farm for a real Halloween experience in America.  For all of them, it was their very first time. 

 A couple of them scared easily, so all the zombies and ghosts and other scary figures really tried to scar them to death.  

There were many haunted houses and scary rides.  Walking around the amusement park and hiding behind every corner was someone in a really scary costume.  They work there and it is their job to scare you as much as possible.  Some of the people had makeup on that looked like it was done by a professional Hollywood makeup artist.  Some of the students had such a good time that they are planning to go again next week!

Free Spanish Class

Free Spanish class and quesadillas with teacher Kurt! 

Such a fun Friday! Muchas gracias!

By Kurt, Teacher at DTLA  

Pizza Tuesday

Around 20 students from LSI Downtown joined teacher John for pizza at Pizza Rev last Tuesday night. At Pizza Rev, you can design your own personal pizza with any toppings you like for only $6.99 (Tuesdays only).

We are doing this every week, and students are finding it a good way to relax and use the English they learned in class, as well as making new friends! Why don't you join us next week? 
By John, Teacher at DTLA  

Monday, October 23, 2017

Learning American Street Slang

Friday, Oct 20th was the first Street Slang class at LSI downtown. Several students came, all eager to learn new slang so they can use in their everyday conversations. 

Everyone had such a great time and all signed up for the next one already on Nov. 3rd.

By Caroline, Teacher at DTLA