Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Coffee Talk with Bhumika! June 18, 2015

Even though the end of the term is near, it hasn't stopped these hardworking students from coming. About 15 students showed up for this weekly activity. We spent couple of hours in a beautiful outdoor area of a Starbucks which is walking distance from school. We tackled all sorts of questions the students had in their classes. 

It was good to see them make new friends with students who are in the same level but not in the same shift. It was also very satisfying to see the students who have been to coffee talk before, help the ones who were attending for the first time . Over all, it was a successful school activity, where the students got the help they needed.

Bhumika Chettiar - #SBLA Teacher

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fish Tacos with Bhumika!

South Bay students enjoyed a delicious lunch at Wahoo's Fish Tacos, just a short walk from the SB campus. 

Wahoo's is a unique place in that it blends Mexican food with Brazilian and Asian flavors. There was something for everyone to enjoy! 

After lunch, many students hung out and chatted in the gorgeous South Bay afternoon. We are lucky to have such a  yummy place nearby.

Bhumika Chettiar - #SBLA Teacher

Indian Food with Teacher Sepideh!!!

Students and South Bay teacher Sepideh enjoyed some authentic Indian food at Bombay Tandoori. For some it was the first time trying Indian food. We chit chatted while eating lunch.The food was tasty and also reasonable.

Afterwards,we took a long walk in the beautiful South Coast Botanical Gardens. We encountered plants from all over the world and enjoyed the scenery.

The students were amazed by the size and the beauty of the garden.

Sylvia Macias - #SBLA Program Coordinator

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Evening TOEFL Dinner Mexican Style!!!

Most of my students had not had good Mexican food so I took them to eat at La Parrilla in East Los Angeles.

They enjoyed the food, music and ambiance of the restaurant. The students also had a chance to try Mexican desserts such as flan and churros.

Although some of the students were hesitant at first to try the food they enjoyed it and asked if we could come back again.

Tommy Munoz - #NELA Teacher

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Soccer Tournament 2015!!!

On Friday, June 15, 2015, Language Systems International (LSI) held its annual Soccer Tournament! All four campuses, including the Northeast LA Dragons, Orange County (OC) Surfers, and the South Bay Sharks, participated enthusiastically and cheered their teams on. Everyone wanted to beat last year’s champion, the LA Angels, and take back the trophy to display until next year.

The competition among the schools was fierce. Each school was represented by students wearing their school colors. The Northeast LA Dragons wore green, the LA Angels wore yellow, the South Bay Sharks wore blue, and the OC students wore red. 

Each team had been thoroughly prepared by practicing and learning how to work together. This was evident when watching the teams practice on the field before the match. Each team looked disciplined and confident. It was obvious that the teams had put in a lot of hours practicing for the tournament.

In one of the first games, in which the Dragons played the Sharks, the game went into overtime and was decided by a penalty kick. It was a tough game, but Northeast LA was able to come out on top and move on to play in the championship match against the OC Surfers, who had won their first game 4 – 2 against the Angels.

That set up the championship match between the Northeast LA Dragons and the OC Surfers. Each school played strong and with a lot of heart, but in the end, the OC Surfers came away with the championship trophy. Congratulations, OC!

During and after the tournament, students from all four schools had a chance to hang out and make new friends.  

After the tournament was finished and the trophy had been passed on to OC, LSI provided all the students and players with a pizza lunch.

The soccer tournament was a fun event and many students are looking forward to LSI’s annual Beach party in August. For that event, each school will need to get a beach volleyball team together to compete for yet another trophy! Mark your calendars and get ready for another day filled with competition and fun!

Michelle Buell - #LSI Academic Director

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hike at Rancho Palos Verdes

This month at Language Systems, we are hosting a group of high school students from China. They are here to practice their English and hopefully transfer to a University in the United States after they complete high school.  While they are here, they are enjoying all that Los Angeles has to offer.

On Sunday, the TOEFL teacher Katie took them on a hike in Rancho Palos Verdes.  This hike is at the Trump Golf Course and overlooks the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Islands.

It was great exercise, interesting conversation and breathtaking views of the sea. Luckily the weather was just perfect for hiking, not too hot or too cold.  Everyone had a terrific time!

Katie - #SBLA Teacher

Monday, June 8, 2015

Dorm Pizza Party!!! 6/5/15

Dear all,

We celebrated the 1st anniversary of Sweet Home CA last Friday. Students were very excited and happy, we all had a great time with pizza, sweets, cake, drinks, decoration, dancing, pictures session and more! 

Special thanks to our housing coordinators who planned the decoration and gave students an unforgettable time in our institution! Your effort was more than appreciated!!! 

I know it was a very tiring day, but worth it!!! You made our students very happy, no words to thank you enough.

The pictures just show how much you guys care about our students due to your time, commitment and preparation. 

Thank you <3

Luana Vieira - Language Systems International #LSI, Housing Manager