Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fun night in Pasadena: Art Night

On Friday, October 13th the city of Pasadena opened its museums' doors to the public. 

Once a year, the city hosts a free event where everyone gets the opportunity to discover the many museums surrounding the city center. 

 Our Pasadena TOEFL students enjoyed the multiple museum locations on Art Night.

By Marco Cervantes, Teacher at Pasadena Campus 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Futsal Tournament

This year’s Futsal tournament was quite competitive and filled with drama from beginning to end.  

There were some dominant teams that showed they were there to display their abilities and add points to their lead.  

Students from every campus were enthusiastic and supportive of their teams and made every effort to keep their spirit alive. 

And although not everyone can win, we all won a good time and the opportunity to meet our fellow students from other campuses and use the English abilities students came to learn.  

Torrance and OC battled it out in the end with Torrance coming out victorious.  

After the tournament, everyone was ready to take down a couple of slices of pizza and refreshments, while taking advantage of the photo booth opportunities.  

We’re sure students had a great time and made some great memories with their friends.  

We look forward to next year’s Futsal tournament and hope it will be just as fun as this year.

By Carlos Takashima, Program Coordinator at Pasadena Campus 

Korean BBQ night

With the term coming to an end, the Pasadena evening students decided to take a rest from test preparation and spent the evening enjoying a savory meal.

The students found an all-you-can-eat restaurant to eat as much as they could. After a couple of hours of eating KBBQ, they decided to go home and recover from all the delicious food. It was a great way to initiate the weekend.

By Marco Cervantes, Teacher at Northeast Campus 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Afternoon at Mt. Sierra College's Campus

On Wednesday, September 13th, around 30 students from the Pasadena school visited Mt. Sierra College's campus, located in Monrovia. 

LSI currently has an MRP with Mt. Sierra, so LSI students finishing level 5 are able to transfer there without a TOEFL score. 

Many students signed up because they were curious to see what this college had to offer. 

The tour started out in the beautiful lobby area where students checked in and had lunch with Mt. Sierra professors and representatives. 

After lunch, the students all moved to an auditorium where Dr. Eric Tao, the President of Mt. Sierra, welcomed the students and described the benefits of its programs, including the smaller class sizes and individual attention each student receives.

Several department heads and professors also addressed the students, talking about the practicality of each program and applying what students learn in the real world. 

After the presentations, the LSI students went on a campus tour where they viewed classrooms and resources available to Mt. Sierra students. At the end of the tour, LSI students were treated to ice cream while they practiced English with Mt. Sierra representatives and professors. 

It was a pleasant and informative visit for all the LSI students!

By Michelle Buell, Academic Director at Language Systems International

Thursday, September 7, 2017

626 Night Market

On a Friday afternoon the Pasadena campus braved the heatwave but it turned out that it was the right atmosphere for an outing.

The students walked around from booth to booth as they enjoyed tasting and sharing the different types of street food. 

It was quite satisfying to have a "cool" drink on such a warm evening. 

After exploring the venue for some time, we sat down and enjoyed the musical acts that were part of the event. 

Overall, this culinary excursions satisfied most of the senses. 

 By Carlos Takashima, Program Coordinator at NELA

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Labor Day field trip

​Some students from
 LSI Downtown enjoyed a fun day in Santa Barbara with teacher John on Labor Day last Monday. 

There was no school since it was a holiday. We all bought our lunch at a country grocery store and deli, then took it up to John's favorite winery, Koehler Winery & Vineyards, to have a picnic under the trees. 

With our lunch, the students enjoyed five of Koehler's most popular wines, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose', Syrah, and Pinot Noir. 

For those who wanted to taste more wines, the students could take their glass into the Tasting Room and ask to try any of the other wines that Koehler makes. 

After a relaxing lunch we drove to the quaint Danish style town of Solvang for sightseeing, shopping, and sweets. 

Most students could be seen looking into souvenir shops with chocolate fudge or an ice cream cone in their hands. The beautiful weather helped make it the perfect day spent in one of the most beautiful places in California!!

By John Bury, Teacher at Language Systems International

Monday, August 28, 2017

We are going to miss you, Peter

Working at Language Systems is a great way to meet awesome students from all over the world.  

Sometimes students just study English here for 2 weeks, while others stay 2 years. When it comes time to say goodbye, sometimes it is really hard. That is the hardest part about being a teacher and getting to build close relationships with your students. Well, today we had to say goodbye to a very popular student named "Peter." 

After just 3 months of studying English at our Orange County campus, he had to return to Thailand. Some fellow students took him to the airport to say goodbye. Some of his friends cried because they really became great friends over the past 3 months. We will miss you Peter! Good luck to you in Thailand and we wish you all the best for your life and future. Until we meet again...

By Ty Mussack, Program Coordinator at OC

Monday, August 21, 2017

LSI's 30th Anniversary Party

Maria, the co-owner, giving a speech
On Friday, August 18th, Language Systems had its 30th-anniversary party at the elegant Spanish-style Luminarias restaurant, located on a hilltop in Monterey Park and surrounded by breathtaking views of the San Gabriel Valley. The evening started off with appetizing hors d’oeuvres and refreshing drinks while a live band serenaded the crowd with beautifully played Spanish music. 
Current & Former Teachers
Since it was the 30th anniversary, many current and former LSI employees attended, so there were a lot of people who had not seen each other in several years. Teachers who had worked at LSI from the beginning were there, along with new teachers and current students. Many people celebrated their reunions with pictures at the photo booth, some with crazy props and others more serious. All these pictures can be found on Language Systems’ Facebook page, so check them out!

PC Ligia  & AD Michelle
Maria Sarry, the co-owner of Language Systems, started the evening off by welcoming and thanking everyone for attending the celebration. She recalled how it was when Language Systems first started 30 years ago in Pasadena with just three classes, all of which were taught by Maria herself! She thanked all the employees and students for making Language Systems what it is today.
OC Teacher Bhumika

Next, Michelle Buell, the Academic Director, presented awards to the teachers and employees who had worked at Language Systems for more than a decade. There were many in the crowd and each one was honored for their dedication and commitment to making Language Systems an exciting place for students to learn and experience American culture. Each long-term employee in attendance received a trophy as a show of appreciation for the many years of hard work and effort.

Ernesto, winner of Las Vegas Trip
Finally, there was a raffle of several $25 gift cards and one grand prize (which was kept a secret until the very end). As luck would have it, LSI employees and students from each of the four schools won gift cards. Finally, the grand prize ticket was announced; it turned out that the photographer, Ernesto from the Marketing Department, won a trip to Las Vegas! Everyone cheered and wished Ernesto good luck on his Las Vegas trip.

The festivities continued when the DJ arrived, and everyone enjoyed dancing and socializing for the rest of the night!

August 21st Solar Eclipse

People all over the country have been looking forward to the solar eclipse taking place on Monday, August 21st. 

A solar eclipse happens when the sun and the moon are positioned in such a way that the sun's rays are blocked by the moon. 

In some parts of the US, the moon will entirely block out the light of the sun for a short time and there will be darkness. However, in Southern California, we expected only about 60% coverage of the sun. 

There was no way the South Bay students were going to miss it! Since it is extremely dangerous to look directly at the sun (and we didn't prepare by getting glasses!) Teacher Corey and Sylvia made pin-hole viewers with cereal and cardboard boxes. 

The sun's light goes through a tiny pin hole and creates a projection of the sun's shape onto a white paper. 

When looking through the pin-hole viewer at different times, you can easily see the progression of the eclipse. 

At the start of the eclipse, you could see the sun's shape with a tiny portion clearly being blocked by the sun. 

At 10:21 am, the sun was just at tiny little crescent. Some students said it looked like a tiny banana. 

Later, we met some people who let us borrow their eclipse viewing glasses. You could see the eclipse so clearly! 

It was an amazing chance for our students to experience this incredible natural phenomenon! ​​​

By Sylvia Sunada, Program Coordinator at Language Systems International