Friday, July 26, 2013

Discover LA: Surf City Nights in Huntington Beach

If you find yourself traveling through Orange County in the Summer, one place you should definitely visit is the Huntington Beach Surf City Nights. Actually, this special event takes place every Tuesday night 12 months out of the year from 5pm-9pm. Even though you can attend a Surf City night in the month of December, you will be able to experience California culture in it’s purest form if you can go to a Surf City night in the Summer.
So, what makes Surf City Nights so special? Well, every Tuesday night the city of Huntington Beach closes down 4-5 blocks of Main St. to provide a festival or fair-like atmosphere for locals as well as tourists who come from around the world. As you walk along Main St. on a Surf City night, you will be able to see several different bands playing live music. It is possible to hear punk, jazz, reggae, and classic rock all on the same night! In addition to the cool music, Surf City nights will give you the opportunity to experience some amazing flavors of American street food. Make sure you arrive with an empty stomach because it will be hard to resist the flood of smells as you walk by street stands that are selling bacon-wrapped street dogs, mediterranean kabobs, carne asada fries, Baja-style fish tacos, Thai food, tamales, and much more!  Oh yeah, and for dessert, there’s kettle corn, funnel cakes, and homemade churros.
If all this sounds too unhealthy, you’re still in luck because Surf City Night is also a farmer’s market where you can but the freshest fruits, vegetables, juices, and smoothies.
If you like shopping, then you will think you are in heaven! On Main St. you will find many cool surf shops where you can buy brands like Roxy, Hurley, Vans, Quicksilver, Ripcurl, and many more. On a Surf City Night you will also find street vendors selling hand-made arts and crafts, many of the art being related to California culture and history. When your feet start hurting and you need a break from walking along Main St., you can head to the beach and sit on the sand while you watch local surfers enjoy one of California’s most interesting sport – surfing!  In the Summer, the sun sets around 7-8pm so you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset.  If you can, try to make down to Huntington Beach on a Tuesday night.  You will love it!

Taken from our monthly e-Newsletter.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Celebration 2013

 On July 19, 2013, students, teachers, and staff all gathered at Gaucho’s Village in Glendale to celebrate LSI’s recent accreditation with ACCET.
The celebration was held in a Brazilian style restaurant and the evening started out with an all-you-can-eat buffet and Brazilian barbecue.  The food was amazing and everyone enjoyed sampling different types of meat that were being offered at the tables.

Then Brazilian Samba dancers entertained everyone first by performing on stage in beautiful costumes. After a few performances, the Samba dancers went into the crowd to bring up some teachers and students to dance on stage with them!  After a while, everyone was dancing like a pro and the crowd was clapping along. After the Samba dancers were finished, a crowd of people went up on stage to get pictures with the dancers.

Next, on behalf of LSI, the Academic Director, Michelle Buell, thanked all the teachers, program coordinators, staff, managers, and students for making accreditation possible.
Once the performances were finished, it was party time! The DJ arrived, the music was pumping and the people were dancing! For people who needed a break from dancing, there was a hookah bar in the back of the restaurant where they could hang out with friends.

Everyone enjoyed the celebration and we are all looking forward to the next big party at LSI!
Thank you LSI for such an amazing night!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Discover LA: Where the largest collection of art in the LA area lies

Conveniently located between La Brea Ave and Fairfax Ave on Wilshire Blvd (only a 7 minute drive west from LSI Downtown), you will find LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). LACMA boasts the largest collection of art in the LA area with over 15,000 pieces! Right now, LACMA is featuring exhibitions of the works of the supremely influential Italian painter, Caravaggio, and legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. The hours of operation are: Monday - Tuesday 11 AM - 5 PM; Wednesday - Closed; Thursday - Sunday 11 AM - 7 PM. The student discount entrance fee is $10. Enjoy!

Taken from our monthly e-Newsletter.