Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Celebration 2013

 On July 19, 2013, students, teachers, and staff all gathered at Gaucho’s Village in Glendale to celebrate LSI’s recent accreditation with ACCET.
The celebration was held in a Brazilian style restaurant and the evening started out with an all-you-can-eat buffet and Brazilian barbecue.  The food was amazing and everyone enjoyed sampling different types of meat that were being offered at the tables.

Then Brazilian Samba dancers entertained everyone first by performing on stage in beautiful costumes. After a few performances, the Samba dancers went into the crowd to bring up some teachers and students to dance on stage with them!  After a while, everyone was dancing like a pro and the crowd was clapping along. After the Samba dancers were finished, a crowd of people went up on stage to get pictures with the dancers.

Next, on behalf of LSI, the Academic Director, Michelle Buell, thanked all the teachers, program coordinators, staff, managers, and students for making accreditation possible.
Once the performances were finished, it was party time! The DJ arrived, the music was pumping and the people were dancing! For people who needed a break from dancing, there was a hookah bar in the back of the restaurant where they could hang out with friends.

Everyone enjoyed the celebration and we are all looking forward to the next big party at LSI!
Thank you LSI for such an amazing night!

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