Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Bash 2013

Friday night, November 1, hundreds of international students from the 4 LSI campuses got together for our annual LSI Halloween Bash. Oiwake Restaurant, in downtown LA's little Tokyo area, was the gathering place for zombies, pirates, ghosts, rockstars, police women, and many other characters. Our LSI students always do such a wonderful job dressing up for this amazing party. 

The party started off with an amazing all-you-can-eat buffet featuring favorite Japanese foods such as tempura, curry, California rolls, teriyaki chicken, karage, soba, mapo tofu, and much more. After that students from around the party were given the chance to win prizes if they could answer questions on Halloween trivia.  Believe it or not, not many of them realized that a black cat is the animal most commonly associated with Halloween in America.
After dinner there was an impersonation contest and a contest the find the funniest, scariest, and most original costumes. One amazing student from LA won the impersonation contest by dressing and dancing just like Michael Jackson. I hear that he spent many many hours practicing for the contest. So what did he win?  $200 cash!
The night ended with LSI students, fully dressed in their Halloween costumes, tearing up the dance floor late in the morning hours as the DJ dropped his jams for all to enjoy. I'm sure this party left a lasting impression in the memories of our LSI students. It was a great opportunity for them to experience how fun Halloween in America can be!