Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Santa Anita Race Track

The Santa Anita race track provided an excellent learning experience for our students on the importance of horses in American culture. 

The students were able to see the horses up close and watch how the handlers took care of the horses. Many students also questioned how people were able to select one horse over another. 

 I explained the process on how some people select their horse. 

 Students were then given the opportunity to try to select a horse based on its appearance and racing record. 

 The students watched in excitement as the horses raced around the track and they cheered along with the crowd for their horse. 

 This experience provided many students with an understanding of America’s love of horse racing.
By Tommy Munoz, ESL/TOEFL/TOEIC Teacher at Language Systems 

The race track was lively. People who were there were so excited about the race. It was so fun just being there. 

 I had never been to the horse races or seen horses running that close so it was a completely new experience for me. 

When the first race started, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the horses. I was so into it. When the horses were close to the finish line, I even forgot to breath. 

Even though I had bet no money on the race, I still felt the excitement of betting. It was just exciting being there with my classmates.

Ryo Higuchi

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Downtown LA

Teacher Sarah took a group of students for a little adventure in Downtown LA! 

First they went ice skating at Pershing Square. 

After that, they visited Grand Central Market and the Last Bookstore! 

It was a wonderful afternoon and students got to enjoy our city, meet new friends, and of course, practice English! 

By Ligia Andersen, Program Coordinator at DT 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Urban Radish at Arts District

Last 13th of unlucky Friday, teachers and students went to the Art District. We met at the school at 6 PM and departed to the Art District. Our first destination was Urban Radish. Urban Radish is a grocery stores that provides good quality of local food. I ordered a veggie burger, it was fresh taste.

Next, we were heading to Hauser Wirth & Schimmel, the modern art museum. However, it was closed. We were not able to visit. We left the place and walked the street. We visited a few famous stores and saw the stunning graffiti. 

Finally, we visited Angel City Brewery. They can produce fresh beer. People enjoyed their drinks, some groups played board games, and looked at the art gallery. It was a nice experience of American night activities. 

By Jessie, student at NELA

Definition of public art

Public art is art placed in areas that are accessible to the public audience. In general, it should be free for people to enjoy public art. Other than decoration of the block, some public art also serves educational purpose as illustrating ideas or historical moments in a vivid way. Most permanent mounted public art blends in well with surrounding buildings, structure, and environment, and becomes icon of the neighborhood. On the contrary, temporary mounted public art is always placed for special events or activities.

Favorite public art of the night

Reason:  Giant rose sprouts from hard concrete ground symbolizes vigor of life.

The Arts District Trip

The field trip to the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles was filled with many historical and cultural lessons. First, we reviewed how the Arts District came into existence as the City of Los Angeles tries to revitalize DTLA.

Our first stop was the Urban Radish, a modern grocery market. This market takes on social responsibility by employing former convicts. This allowed them to have an opportunity to succeed after their incarceration and signal honest employment. 

Next, our students walked to the Hauser Wirth & Schimmel museum, however, it was closed. Nevertheless, the students were able to walk around for a little bit and explore the garden and space before we were eventually asked to leave.

Finally, we went to Angel City Brewery, which combines modern warehouse space with a brewery and modern art. This was also a time for the students to enjoy some street food and socialize with one another.

By Andrew Pak, teacher at NELA

Monday, January 9, 2017

Outdoor ice-skating in Redondo Beach

South Bay students joined teacher Corey for another exciting Holiday activity. 

Every year, the LA Kings Hockey team sets up outdoor ice rinks around the city. Our group visited the one in Redondo Beach's King Harbor. 

It was a lovely evening and our students had fun spinning on the ice! 

Luckily, no one fell down and hurt themselves! Afterwards, the group enjoyed some yummy (and WARM) hot cocoa. 

Everyone had a lovely time! We can't wait to visit King's Harbor when the weather warms up!

 By Sylvia Sunada, Program Coordinator at SB 

Friday, January 6, 2017

A Taste of Orange County - Indian Fast Food

One of the great things about living in Southern California is the food! We have authentic food from all over the world. At our Language Systems - Orange County campus, there is a monthly activity called "A Taste of Orange County." 

The purpose of this activity is to give our ESL students a chance to try many different kinds of food while they are here in California. 

On Thursday, January 5, we visited a place called Curry Hut in Fullerton, CA. This place is run by a family from India, and they serve Indian fast food that is fresh, delicious, and inexpensive. 

The most popular way to order is to do the 1, 2 or 3 item combo. It comes with rice and freshly baked Naan (Indian bread). 

They give you so much food that two people can share a 2-item combo, which only costs $7.99. The food was so delicious! Of course, it was a little spicy, but after all, it is authentic Indian food.  

We will definitely go back again. For all of our students it was their very first time eating Indian food. Welcome to Orange County! 

 By Ty Mussack, Program Coordinator at OC

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcome Letter!

On behalf of everyone at Language Systems, we would like to extend a very warm welcome to all our students joining us in 2017. Many of us at Language Systems have lived and studied abroad, so we understand the challenges that international students face as well as the opportunities presented in a positive and culturally rich learning environment. We are committed to helping our students fulfill their goals in English and to experience everything that beautiful California offers its visitors. 

Language Systems has developed a variety of programs to fit each student’s needs. Our Program Coordinators are here to help you decide which program and study plan is best for you. In addition, Language Systems staff members offer support and assistance regarding student visas and other related issues.

Throughout the year, Language Systems has several four-school events that students should not miss! During the Winter Term of 2017, Language Systems will hold its annual Basketball Tournament near our South Bay school. Whether you are playing on the team or just there to cheer your team on, everyone has a blast and experiences first-hand how Americans love their sporting events! In the Spring Term of 2017, we move on to our annual Soccer Tournament, which is always popular with students from all over the world. In the Summer Term of 2017, Language Systems holds its annual Beach Party, which includes a Beach Volleyball tournament and water games! In the Fall Term of 2017, students again gear up for another tournament, this time for Futsal.

As you can see, Language Systems provides opportunities for students to come together culturally to practice English and explore American culture in Southern California. You have taken your first step in an amazing journey and we are pleased that you have decided to study at one of our campuses. Welcome to sunny, Southern California!

 By Michelle Buell, Academic Director at Language Systems International