Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Santa Anita Race Track

The Santa Anita race track provided an excellent learning experience for our students on the importance of horses in American culture. 

The students were able to see the horses up close and watch how the handlers took care of the horses. Many students also questioned how people were able to select one horse over another. 

 I explained the process on how some people select their horse. 

 Students were then given the opportunity to try to select a horse based on its appearance and racing record. 

 The students watched in excitement as the horses raced around the track and they cheered along with the crowd for their horse. 

 This experience provided many students with an understanding of America’s love of horse racing.
By Tommy Munoz, ESL/TOEFL/TOEIC Teacher at Language Systems 

The race track was lively. People who were there were so excited about the race. It was so fun just being there. 

 I had never been to the horse races or seen horses running that close so it was a completely new experience for me. 

When the first race started, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the horses. I was so into it. When the horses were close to the finish line, I even forgot to breath. 

Even though I had bet no money on the race, I still felt the excitement of betting. It was just exciting being there with my classmates.

Ryo Higuchi

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