Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Let's eat Korean food!

On Friday, May 22, SBLA students met with Teacher Kurt for some delicious Korean food at BCD Tofu in Torrance. BCD Tofu specializes in soondubu, a spicy stew made with soft tofu and meat or seafood. Other dishes served at the restaurant include bulgogi (marinaded and thinly sliced grilled beef) and galbi (braised short ribs).

For many students, this experience was their first time trying Korean food, which is very popular in Southern California. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food, but some students were a little surprised by how spicy it was. Because of this, they made sure to keep a large pitcher of ice water nearby at all times!

Join us next time for son Korean food and fun!

By Teacher Kurt - Language Systems SBLA

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Hike

On Memorial Day, students from Language Systems SBLA joined TOEFL teacher Katie and a local hiking group on a hike through the hills of Rancho Palos Verdes.  

This hike offers sweeping views of the ocean and Catalina Island.  It was a beautiful day in Southern California, and we enjoyed the fresh air, sunshine and exercise.  

Thanks to everyone for coming out and I hope to see you all on the next hike! 

Saying goodbye is never easy; yet it happens all too often!

Saying goodbye to a student is never easy; yet it happens all too often. As a farewell to one of my level 7 students, my students and I went to a local restaurant, 38 Degree Ale House and Grill. My students and I chose 38 Degree because of it's close distance to school. I was impressed by the contemporary and clean design.

My students and I decided on three appetizers; tempura battered onion rings, sweet potato fries, and calamari. Each of my students and I then ordered our own main course meal. The portions were generous, the onion rings were the size of my student's bracelet. While we pre-ordered dessert, unfortunately we ended up having to cancel our bread pudding a la mode.

Although I am sad to see one of my students leaving, I am glad we had a chance to come together as a class. I hope this will be one of the memories my students will remember as they leave Language Systems.

 By Jasmin Garcia. NELA Level 7 - Teacher

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hammer Museum Visit

On May 2nd, I met the students at the Hammer Museum at 11:30a.m. We checked everyone in, got name badges and started at the art gallery that housed the architecture exhibit. They loved it and took lots of photos :) Then at 12:30 we took a half an hour guided tour of the artist Pedro Reyes' People's United Nations. The Level 6 and 7 students enjoyed it and said they understood about 80-90% of what the guide was saying whereas the lower level students only got 20% of what was being said.

Getting ready to start a fun day at the Hammer Museum :)
The group grew exponentially by the time we started the People's UN tour 

By 1:15pm we ended up having lunch at two different restaurants, Denny's (for students who just wanted to have milkshakes and ice cream) and Panini Cafe (for students who wanted something proper) hahaha. We finished at the restaurants around 3:00pm. It took forever to take orders and then get everyone separate checks. 

After lunch I gave the students the options of either calling it a day or going back with me to the museum. 12 students chose to go back while the others decided to go to Santa Monica. We finished at the museum at around 4:10pm. It was so much fun!!! 

Sushant (#DTLAcampus)