Tuesday, August 30, 2016

LSI Beach Party!

Friday Aug 19 was an exciting day for a lot of LSI students, teachers and staff members. All of us from four different campuses arrived in Huntington Beach at around 9:30 pm and started setting up tents. 

Students grabbed some delicious breakfast snacks and went over to watch the Volleyball Tournament that was about to start. All the schools played really well and were supported by cheers from their perspective campuses. 


The winner of the tournament this year was the Downtown LA campus. The fun continued as we moved to other fun games. 

The Tug-of-War was so much fun. Even teachers and staff participated in it. All the different campuses took part in the exhilarating water games and won a lot of gift certificates as prizes! 

Everyone was in such a cheerful and happy mood. Students made new friends and posed for selfies with them. 

We all felt like one big family. We had worked up an appetite with all those games and were ready to grab lunch, which was wonderful. There were sandwiches, wraps, chips, and watermelon. 

We took a few moments after lunch to connect with our friends and swim in the ocean. The water was cold but we got used to it quickly. 

After that we got ready for the disgusting food eating contest. It was crazy to watch the contestant eat food like spicy peppers, bitter gourd, lemon and other unexpected things. 

After that, things started to wind down and we started getting ready to leave. We said goodbye to everyone and were filled with gratitude and happiness for such an amazing sun kissed day. 

Needless to say, the weather was simply divine throughout the whole day. We love California and can't wait for the LSI 2017 Beach Party!!!

By Sushant Naidu, Teacher Coordinator at DT

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Shakespeare By The Sea

Students joined teacher Steven from SB campus in San Pedro for Shakespeare By The Sea's performance of "Othello." 

Shakespeare By the Sea is a group of traveling actors who perform various Shakespeare plays along the coast in Los Angeles. 

Point Fermin is a lovely scenic spot that most students miss when they're in LA. 

Luckily they could catch this popular summer event in this special place. Everyone met at school and carpooled down the San Pedro just before sunset. 

Some students brought snacks and drinks and some were available for purchase there. 


Everyone enjoyed a lovely evening under the stars with Othello!

By Sylvia Sunada, Program Coordinator at SB

Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer BBQ!

Friday August 12, over 75 students from LSI-OC met at a local park for a Summer BBQ. That is a lot of hungry mouths to feed. 

Ty, the program coordinator in Orange County, wanted to create a little school spirit ahead of our annual inter-campus beach party this Friday 8/19/16. 

The menu for the BBQ included chicken kebobs, Korean kalbi, Mexican pollo asado, marinated steak, sweet peppers, sweet corn, and lots of snacks. 

There were so many students that they had to form a line that worked its way up to the grill for food. 

After continually serving the students for about 2 hours, it seemed like finally everyone was full. 

We had such an awesome time, and we can't wait for the beach party this Friday!! 

By Ty Mussack, program coordinator at OC

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lunch and Suicide Squad!!

The students and I met at noon. We were all a little sleepy but we were also ready to eat and see some action! We decided to buy our tickets first. Strangely the tickets for our 1:30 show were $5.00 more than usual. When we got to the ticket counter we were pleasantly informed that our show was in the new premium theater with hi see color and Dolby sound.  After hearing that we were happy to pay the extra fee. Now we were off to lunch.

We ate lunch in the Food Court if Del Amo. Our meals consisted of everything from sushi and pizza to noodles and cheesecake. We ate well but not too much. We also discussed our favorite DC characters, which most agreed was The Joker, mainly for his insanity, evil laugh, and even more evil ways! Then it was movie time!

We walked into a state of the art Dolby Hi-Def Super Colorized Picture theater right at 1:30, because our seats and sections were reserved. Our seats were amazing. We could push the screen to adjust every angle and position of the seats. They were super comfortable made the movie that much more enjoyable.

All in all THE LSI SUICIDE SQUAD, have this movie an 8 out of 10... It wasn't great but it had enough excitement and humor for everyone to enjoy.

By Sylvia Sunada, Program Coordinator at SB

Monday, August 1, 2016

Japanese Heritage Night at Dodger Stadium!!

On July 26 2016, a group of Japanese students and the program coordinator from the Orange County campus made the commute up to Los Angeles to attend Japanese Heritage Night at Dodger Stadium. 

That night, each fan received a Kenta Maeda bobblehead doll, so that was a pretty cool souvenire for the Japanese students.  

Also, a popular singer named Atsushi from the group Exile sand the Japanese national anthem before the baseball game.  All the Japanese fans went crazy when Atsushi made his appearance. 

The Dodgers played well, hit a homerun to make it a final score of 3-2 Dodgers.  We had a lot of fun and got to enjoy a beautiful summer night of baseball in Los Angeles.

By Ty Mussack, program coordinator at OC