Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer BBQ!

Friday August 12, over 75 students from LSI-OC met at a local park for a Summer BBQ. That is a lot of hungry mouths to feed. 

Ty, the program coordinator in Orange County, wanted to create a little school spirit ahead of our annual inter-campus beach party this Friday 8/19/16. 

The menu for the BBQ included chicken kebobs, Korean kalbi, Mexican pollo asado, marinated steak, sweet peppers, sweet corn, and lots of snacks. 

There were so many students that they had to form a line that worked its way up to the grill for food. 

After continually serving the students for about 2 hours, it seemed like finally everyone was full. 

We had such an awesome time, and we can't wait for the beach party this Friday!! 

By Ty Mussack, program coordinator at OC

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