Monday, July 18, 2011

Lunch Social in Alhambra

We were invited for lunch in an Italian restaurant with our teacher Erber on July 12th . I didn't know what to expect but was told everything will be relaxed and fun. We met a lot of different country students at this lunch party, there were about 16 people.
It is a small and warm Italian restaurant which included all kinds of Italian special dishes. Because it was my first time to experience this food, I had no idea what to order at all! Fortunately, Erber was very kind and full of patience to explain the menu to us. We were so hungry and had to wait for 1 hour......The lunch was served in 3 different dishes, there was pasta with garlic bread, grilled chicken wings, a super big pizza with bacon and beef. It was a tasty and delicious meal but most enjoyable was being together with our classmates and teacher! Can't think of a more perfect way to spend lunch time.

Lunch social is always fun!
Written by TOEFL student Gem Wu 

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do you know what Futsal is?

The origin of Futsal® (Five-a-Side Soccer) can be traced back to Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1930 when Juan Carlos Ceriani devised a five-a-side version of soccer for youth competion in YMCAs.  The game is played on basketball-sized courts, both indoors and out without the use of sidewalls.
The term FUTSAL® is the international term used for the game. It is derived from the Spanish or Portuguese word for “soccer”– FUTbol or FUTebol, and the French or Spanish word for “indoor” — SALon or SALa. The term was adopted by U.S. Futsal since it includes the initials “fUtSAl” (USA). The term was trademarked in the United States after U.S. Futsal changed its corporate name within the state of California.
The game is frequently referred to as Five-A-Side or Mini-soccer.  Once Ceriani got the ball rolling, Futsal gained rapid popularity throughout South America, particularly in Brazil.  The skill developed in this game is visible in the world-famous style the Brazilians display outdoors on the full-sized field.  Pele, Zico, Socrates, Bebeto and other Brazilian superstars developed their skill playing Futsal.  While Brazil continues to be the Futsal hub of the world, the game is now played, under the auspices of FIFA, all over the world, from Europe to North and Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and Asia and Oceania.

Now that you know a little bit more about Futsal, join LSI Torrance Futsal's team and enjoy the exciting game of Futsal Indoor Soccer every Tuesday evening at South Coast Soccer City!

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