Monday, July 18, 2011

Lunch Social in Alhambra

We were invited for lunch in an Italian restaurant with our teacher Erber on July 12th . I didn't know what to expect but was told everything will be relaxed and fun. We met a lot of different country students at this lunch party, there were about 16 people.
It is a small and warm Italian restaurant which included all kinds of Italian special dishes. Because it was my first time to experience this food, I had no idea what to order at all! Fortunately, Erber was very kind and full of patience to explain the menu to us. We were so hungry and had to wait for 1 hour......The lunch was served in 3 different dishes, there was pasta with garlic bread, grilled chicken wings, a super big pizza with bacon and beef. It was a tasty and delicious meal but most enjoyable was being together with our classmates and teacher! Can't think of a more perfect way to spend lunch time.

Lunch social is always fun!
Written by TOEFL student Gem Wu 

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