Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Luau Party 2011

On July 29th, LSI and MLI celebrated Summer with the annual Luau Party!

Every year, students from the LA, Torrance, OC, Alhambra, and MLI campuses come together for a night of fun, food, dancing and COMPETITION!

Tickets to this popular event sold out early!

The party began with dinner and music. PCs Ligia, Ken, Sylvia, Natalya, and Ty treated everyone to the classic song "I will Survive" to get the night going. Many students and teachers chose their favorite songs and serenaded everyone while they were eating. Karaoke is the perfect party starter!

The students at LSI and MLI are extremely talented!

Before the party, students had to audition to earn 1 of 9 spots in the competition. There were singers, dancers, comedians, musicians, and more hoping to win the $500 prize!

The competition opened with an explosive solo dance performance and closed with a dynamic heavy metal band! There were singers, dance groups and comedy troupes in between!

What a show!

but there could only be one winner....

Congratulations to Ping, Sho, Ken and Kim from OC!!! They took home the $500 prize for their outstanding dance performance.

Once the competition was over, it was PARTY TIME! The DJ arrived, the music was pumping and the people were dancing! The party didn't end until after 1 am!

Today is Tuesday, August 2nd. The party was 4 days ago, but people are still talking about it!

Thank you, LSI and MLI for such a great night!

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