Wednesday, May 18, 2016

LA Dodgers VS LA Angels with Ty!!

15 students and 1 teacher from Language Systems' Orange County campus made the 1-hour commute up the 5 freeway to Los Angeles to see Southern California's biggest baseball rivalry - the Los Angeles Dodgers (blue) vs. the Los Angeles Angels (red).  

These games are called the freeway series because fans from both teams can travel up and down the 5 freeway from stadium to stadium.
It was a beautiful day for baseball, and the students got to experience Dodger Stadium, the 3rd oldest baseball stadium in all of America.  Only Boston's Fenway Park (built in 1911) and Chicago's Wrigley Field (built in 1914) are older. 

It was a close game, and in the end, the Angels won the game 7-6.  Throughout the whole game, the Orange County students kept shouting "Let's go Angels!" and the Dodger fans kept shouting "Angels suck!"  It was really fun! 

 The students all thought the rivalry and atmosphere were something really special.

Bowling Night with DJ!!

We were a mixture of "old" pros and new new bowlers that met at AMF Bowl-O-Drome on Saturday.  After entering are names and waiting on a few late arrivals we played our the first game.  Johnny was able to get two strikes in a row to start us off. While Vanessa and Mariana needed a few tips to begin. 

Zihao started off strong but mentioned his arm got tired by the end.  Jesus started off a little slow but by the end became a real force to be reckoned with. He also was able to get two strike in a row. For the next game we chose teams. The girls choose me, and the guys were feeling pretty confident until Mariana got her first strike, then Vanessa, and then, our resident Russian dancer, Uliana knocked them all down as well.  

In the end our team won but there were no hurt feelings. We laughed about the game over sushi at Anza Sushi and finally it was time to call it a night.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Captain America: Civil War with DJ!!

We started off early on Saturday, meeting at 11:30 for brunch and a Movie instead of the usual afternoon routine.  Everyone seemed a little tired but was excited to see The Avengers go head to head; Team Captain America vs Team Iron Man.  
Team Iron Man included me (DJ), Jia Jia, and Nick both from China... Why: "We love his suit, cool technology, and arrogant humour"

Team Captain America was Andrea, Johnny, Zihao and Winaga.  Andrea and Johnny thought he was handsome. Zihao and Winaga liked that he always does the right thing and tries to protect his best friend.

Everyone agreed that our favorite hero was Spiderman! We had fun and the movie was really good... And we can't wait for the next big film!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lunch and afternoon at the beach with Sepideh!!

The Vegas Buffet at Del Amo mall is an excellent place to experience many different types of food! Students and I enjoyed talking about different foods in various cultures. 

After we filled our bellies, we went down to beautiful Hermosa Beach. We we took a tranquil walk on the beach and enjoyed the relaxing scenery. We talked about many different topics, however, the most interesting conversation was about the advantages and disadvantages of living in the U.S. 

The students' perspectives were all very unique. It was a great day indeed! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lunch and The Jungle Book with DJ!

We got off to a great start Saturday afternoon. We meet at the school parking lot and walked over to Del Amo Mall and debated what we should have for lunch.  Lazy Dog and Johnny Rockets offers discounted ticket if your eat with them but sometimes the service is slow at both.   Also it can be difficult to figure the final bill, tax and tip. 

 I suggested Stacked which offers you the convenience of ordering with an Ipad and paying the tabs separately. Also has a wide selection of typical America food Pizza, Pasta and if course Cheeseburgers. 

 After stuffing our faces, we were off to experience the Jungle Book in 3D.  The film is live action, and a little intense, but also very good and easy for most students to understand.  Only one Chinese girl fell asleep, unfortunately because she didn't really understand what was happening.  All in all, everyone enjoyed the film and our time together! Next week Captain America Civil War!