Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beach Party- Volleyball Tournament

On Friday August 26th, Language Systems International (LSI) organized its annual Volleyball Tournament in one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in California, Huntington Beach. Five campuses- Alhambra, Downtown, Torrance, OC and Beverly Hills- got together to fight for the championship. The tournament was very intense, and the competition between the schools was strong  Besides the volleyball tournament there were many other games like Tug-of-War, water balloon game, fill the bucket, stick game and disgusting food contest.
By 9.30 am a huge territory of the beach was covered by different colors, representing each school. Each school had T-shirts of a different color. OC students wore red, LA students wore yellow, Torrance students wore gray, Alhambra students wore green, and Beverly Hills students wore pink.
The fun began when the students started playing with balloons filled with water. Some of them got wet. It was a hot summer day though, so they really enjoyed this game. The Volleyball Tournament started at 10 am. Every team was very good. You could see that they practiced and prepared for this big competition. In the end, it was a three way tie among 3 schools: Alhambra, MLI and OC. After counting the points, the winner was chosen- it was MLI! The students from Beverly Hills did a great job and they deserved the trophy!

        During the tournament students had the opportunity to hang out with their teachers and friends while enjoying a beautiful sunny day in Southern California. After the games were finished and the trophy had been passed on to MLI, LSI provided all the students and players with a delicious lunch.  
Right after lunch, program Coordinators Ty and Ligia organized a few more games: Tug -of -War, Fill-the-Bucket, Stick game and Disgusting Food Contest.
The school that got the strongest students is Downtown LSI. They won Tug-of -War!
One student from Torrance and one student from MLI won the in the stick competition.
OC students were the fastest this time and won the “Fill-the-Bucket” game.
                                                                             The disgusting food contest was intense! And Alhambra happened to have the best eaters and won this competition.

As you can see, all the school have got something special they are good at and each school won at least one game! The beach party was just amazing! Everybody’s got a nice tan and healthy glow. You can find a lot of pictures taken by the students and LSI photographer on Facebook and watch video on
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Tennis with Jose and Natalya!

Every other Friday students from LSI Alhambra get a chance to play and improve their tennis skills.
There are a few students who are really good players! Jose, the staff member, is really an excellent player too. He is really patient and doesn't mind giving everybody advice and a few lessons. There are usually about 10-15 people. LSI Alhambra is located very close to the park where you can find basketball and tennis courts, swimming pools and BBQ grills. The school has a lot of tennis rackets which our students can use for free. It's a fun activity that helps everybody to stay in shape and work out those muscles you didn't know you had!
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Luau Party 2011

On July 29th, LSI and MLI celebrated Summer with the annual Luau Party!

Every year, students from the LA, Torrance, OC, Alhambra, and MLI campuses come together for a night of fun, food, dancing and COMPETITION!

Tickets to this popular event sold out early!

The party began with dinner and music. PCs Ligia, Ken, Sylvia, Natalya, and Ty treated everyone to the classic song "I will Survive" to get the night going. Many students and teachers chose their favorite songs and serenaded everyone while they were eating. Karaoke is the perfect party starter!

The students at LSI and MLI are extremely talented!

Before the party, students had to audition to earn 1 of 9 spots in the competition. There were singers, dancers, comedians, musicians, and more hoping to win the $500 prize!

The competition opened with an explosive solo dance performance and closed with a dynamic heavy metal band! There were singers, dance groups and comedy troupes in between!

What a show!

but there could only be one winner....

Congratulations to Ping, Sho, Ken and Kim from OC!!! They took home the $500 prize for their outstanding dance performance.

Once the competition was over, it was PARTY TIME! The DJ arrived, the music was pumping and the people were dancing! The party didn't end until after 1 am!

Today is Tuesday, August 2nd. The party was 4 days ago, but people are still talking about it!

Thank you, LSI and MLI for such a great night!

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