Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wine tour with John!

On President's Day, Feb. 15th, 10 students and guests visited Santa Barbara for breakfast, wine tasting, sightseeing in Solvang, and trying their luck at Chumash Casino. Breakfast was at Summerland Beach Cafe, and was an instant hit...eating delicious food on the outdoor veranda enjoying the beautiful weather.

 After wine tasting at Koehler Winery & Vineyards and Rusack Winery and Vineyards, the students went sightseeing in Solvang, a cute little European-style village, before trying their luck at Chumash Casino.

Several students won some money with the $50 they received as free-play for signing up as player's club members. Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the trip!!

- John Bury, LSI teacher / tour leader

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine’s Day Celebration at the Downtown Los Angeles Campus

Valentine’s Day Celebration at our Downtown Campus

Valentine’s Day is such a popular holiday in the U.S.A!

Last week we had an awesome Valentine’s Day celebration! Students, teachers, and staff gathered at the front desk to take some romantic pictures and enjoy some chocolate fondue…

The chocolate fountain was very popular! There is nothing better than chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine’s Day!

While students enjoyed the chocolate fountain, some of them shared their countries’ Valentine’s Day traditions. It was a lot of fun!
In the United States it is very common for couples to exchange gifts. Chocolate and flowers are definitely the top gifts on that day. It is also very common for children to exchange valentines at school. They are little notes with romantic messages and drawings given along with candy!


                                       Happy Valentine’s Day!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Party Night at the Museum with DJ in the South Bay!

We had a little drama getting tickets for the The Natural History Museum's, season's opener, First Fridays event. Because my students didn't heed my advice to buy your tickets early! 

First we needed a few more drivers, which luckily we found easily. Then we quickly navigated through L.A.'s wild jungle traffic to be first in line to get the tickets that would soon be released to the non-members of the museum.  Luckily we arrived with plenty of time. Actually an hour with chatting, and connecting with each other was perfect before we walked in the venue filled with DJ's and a live band. After leading an initial intro to the museum, namely the Los Angeles Begins Exhibit, I sent some of the students off to explore the history of the natural world, while others followed me to the dance floor to boogie to the always fantabulous Michael Jackson "ABC"  tune!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Loyola Marymount University visit!

Last night we went to Loyola Marymount University.  We arrived at 6 and the lecture started at 6.15 . 
The lecture was on Modern Day Slavery.  LMU Professor Jody Finkle gave a lecture for an hour and thirty minutes.  After the lecture students were encouraged to ask questions.  Although the main purpose of this event was to gain new information about modern day slavery,  another important  purpose was to give Language Systems International students an opportunity to get a feel of what it's like to be a university student.  
The purpose was also to test their English proficiency level,  and use that as motivation to work harder and learn English even better.  After the lecture the students had a university tour.  We visited the library,  a few departments and classrooms. It was a huge success. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Bowling time with Teacher Caroline!

On Friday, January 29th, Language Systems International students joined Teacher Caroline for another fun night of bowling at Shatto 39 Lanes. 

It's become a favorite outing among students. All had a wonderful time. 

They enjoyed great conversations and laughs all evening.