Monday, August 25, 2014

Camarillo Air Show & Dinner at BJ's


On Saturday August 23rd, teacher John from LSI Downtown, led a group of students to the Camarillo Air Show, a local airport in Ventura County. We were able to see a flying show from many vintage aircraft, the Red Bull aerobatic helicopter, some great acrobatic flying from Vicky Benzing, and a re-enactment of a paratrooper jump from an actual C-47 that participated in Operation Overloard in France in 1944. There was also a classic car show and various vendors selling food and souvenirs. After an afternoon of walking around the airport, we enjoyed an American food dinner and drinks at BJ's in Woodland Hills in our own private room. Everyone had a great time!! @LSILA

Friday, August 15, 2014

Bowling Night with D.J.

Boy, did we have a ball at the Bowl o Drome! The lights were bright, the boys were bombastic, the girls were beautiful and the benevolent Mr D.J. was beaten unbelievably with 2 brilliant strikes in the 10th frame by the beaming  Ahmed Althayidi! Many of us had never bowled before, so we boosted the confidence of the beginners... but those of us who have bowled before, we bravely battled on! BIG UP to Yuriy Brazhnikov, Hiromi Uchida, DEwoshi K Baothman were among the best! High fives, fist bumps, and boisterous laughs were had by all. See you next time!  @LSISouthBay

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LSI welcomes students from the Tohoku earthquake!

Three years after the Tohoku earthquake, the reality of the reconstruction of Tohoku does not concern people widely anymore. However, they are still facing the issue of living in an environment affected by high radiation. On the positive side, this devastating disaster changed the kids in Tohoku to broaden their mind and expand their horizons and prospects for the future. Their current, uneasy situation encourages them to live their life to the fullest.

16 high-school students from St. Ursula Eichi High School in Sendai Miyagi, Japan who have experienced the disaster, attended classes at the South Bay Los Angeles campus. @LSISouthBay

Sunday L.A. Tour in Vintage Cars

On Sunday, August 10th, LSI teacher John, a member of the San Fernando Valley Model A Club, grabbed three of his fellow club members and their cars and took 10 LSI students on a tour of Griffith Park, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills in vintage 1928-1931 Fords. A parade of four vintage autos is quite a sight on the streets of Los Angeles, so people were waving, yelling, honking, and taking pictures all along our route. The high point in the trip was a stop at the iconic Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, a vintage 1927 building. The day ended with dinner at Souplantation across from the Beverly Center. As one student put it, "There's no better way to cruise Sunset the rumble seat of a 1930 Ford Deluxe Coupe. @LSILA

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Study Session at Starbucks!

Study Session is a weekly activity which takes place on Thursdays at a nearby Starbucks right after the morning classes. We get students from all levels. As soon as the morning classes finish, we all walk to the very spacious and stylish Starbucks located inside the Marriott Hotel. Here, we can grab our favorite drinks or snacks and get seated on the comfy couch/chairs indoors or in the lounge outdoors.

Here, students prepare for their upcoming tests and/or do homework. Also, it's a great opportunity for students to meet outside of their classrooms, and have a more casual and relaxed conversation in English. At the same time, I can check their homework and help them review grammar points or vocabulary words. Sometimes, students even bring questions which are way ahead of their level. But they are so eager to learn, it is always fun to teach them and be there whenever they need me during the study session.
Most of the times, the hour and a half passes by so fast the students feel proud and well prepared. Going around the circle and sometimes watching the students from higher levels helping the students from lower ones is just magical. Studying can be so much fun and productive at the same time, who knew? 

Bhumika Chettiar                     @LSISouthBay

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hike, Picnic and Yoga in Palos Verdes


      On August 2, TOEFL teacher Katie led a hike in beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes. The group met native English speakers and enjoyed a picnic overlooking the ocean. It was a beautiful day and the views of the ocean and Catalina Island were amazing. Everyone had a great time and got good exercise, and even did a little yoga on the cliffsides.       @LSISouthBay


Friday, August 1, 2014

Basketball and In & Out on July 31


      Hooped it up together then, ate it up together!  We had a great time shooting baskets and playing 3 on 3 games at Delthorne Park in Torrance. The weather was perfect and provided the perfect atmosphere for some late afternoon basketball. The students were hungry after all that exercise so we headed to In-N-Out to enjoy french fries and milkshakes. Do you know about the secret menu at In-N-Out?   @LSISouthBay


Dinner & a movie on July 24

     Imagine a world where apes are super intelligent and rebel against humans..Dawn of the Planet of The Apes is the sequel to Rise of the Planet of The Apes and explores this scenario. We really enjoyed this movie. The story was well developed and had a little bit of everything for everybody: laughs, excitement, shock, and drama! And we broke the fast with our Saudi classmates at Stacked, where you get to order and customize sandwiches, pizza, burgers, and even dessert using an iPad! @LSISouthBay


Beach Volleyball Practice!

     One of the best summer activities for LSI students is beach volleyball practice. On the weekends the students at LSI Southbay have been getting together at Hermosa Beach Pier to play volleyball. But the fun and excitement doesn't stop with volleyball. The students love to play paddle ball, tan under the sun, meet other students, eat snacks together, and have a good time. Usually, the students play a couple of games and then run to the ocean to cool off in the waves. After the breaks, they begin to play again. "Wilson" (the ball used, just like in the movie "Cast Away") is always happy to play, he is LSI's good luck charm and helps the students get better at their volleyball skills. Come be part of the Southbay Sharks, our LSI beach volleyball team, or join the students in relaxing, having fun, and enjoying one of the best beaches in California. See you next practice!