Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Study Session at Starbucks!

Study Session is a weekly activity which takes place on Thursdays at a nearby Starbucks right after the morning classes. We get students from all levels. As soon as the morning classes finish, we all walk to the very spacious and stylish Starbucks located inside the Marriott Hotel. Here, we can grab our favorite drinks or snacks and get seated on the comfy couch/chairs indoors or in the lounge outdoors.

Here, students prepare for their upcoming tests and/or do homework. Also, it's a great opportunity for students to meet outside of their classrooms, and have a more casual and relaxed conversation in English. At the same time, I can check their homework and help them review grammar points or vocabulary words. Sometimes, students even bring questions which are way ahead of their level. But they are so eager to learn, it is always fun to teach them and be there whenever they need me during the study session.
Most of the times, the hour and a half passes by so fast the students feel proud and well prepared. Going around the circle and sometimes watching the students from higher levels helping the students from lower ones is just magical. Studying can be so much fun and productive at the same time, who knew? 

Bhumika Chettiar                     @LSISouthBay