Friday, August 1, 2014

Beach Volleyball Practice!

     One of the best summer activities for LSI students is beach volleyball practice. On the weekends the students at LSI Southbay have been getting together at Hermosa Beach Pier to play volleyball. But the fun and excitement doesn't stop with volleyball. The students love to play paddle ball, tan under the sun, meet other students, eat snacks together, and have a good time. Usually, the students play a couple of games and then run to the ocean to cool off in the waves. After the breaks, they begin to play again. "Wilson" (the ball used, just like in the movie "Cast Away") is always happy to play, he is LSI's good luck charm and helps the students get better at their volleyball skills. Come be part of the Southbay Sharks, our LSI beach volleyball team, or join the students in relaxing, having fun, and enjoying one of the best beaches in California. See you next practice! 


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  1. It may have began that way, but over the last many years, the game has expanded into a full-blown game that is now a Summer time Olympic game. Beach volleyball also-ran?