Wednesday, May 18, 2016

LA Dodgers VS LA Angels with Ty!!

15 students and 1 teacher from Language Systems' Orange County campus made the 1-hour commute up the 5 freeway to Los Angeles to see Southern California's biggest baseball rivalry - the Los Angeles Dodgers (blue) vs. the Los Angeles Angels (red).  

These games are called the freeway series because fans from both teams can travel up and down the 5 freeway from stadium to stadium.
It was a beautiful day for baseball, and the students got to experience Dodger Stadium, the 3rd oldest baseball stadium in all of America.  Only Boston's Fenway Park (built in 1911) and Chicago's Wrigley Field (built in 1914) are older. 

It was a close game, and in the end, the Angels won the game 7-6.  Throughout the whole game, the Orange County students kept shouting "Let's go Angels!" and the Dodger fans kept shouting "Angels suck!"  It was really fun! 

 The students all thought the rivalry and atmosphere were something really special.

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