Thursday, June 2, 2016

Soccer Tournament 2016

                This year’s soccer tournament was nothing short of a success.  Students had the opportunity to experience an entirely new venue with state of the art fields and great weather.  The teams showed up in high spirits ready to claim the main prize for the most popular tournament of the year.

                The energy was high and the excitement of it all kept the cheers going through the entire tournament.  There were a couple of injuries, but that’s because the speed and intensity of the games were at an all time, competitive, high.  This year, the championship was re-claimed by last year’s defending champions from Language Systems OC. This team came ready to take on any team that stepped in the field against them and proved it with wide margin victories.

                During the tournament, LS had a camera crew interviewing students regarding their experience in school and their feelings about the tournament.  People took photo booth pictures with their friends while catching snacks and drinks, and of course, everyone had a positive experience.  Because let’s face it, we would rather be out of class and school to enjoy snacks and a game on a perfectly nice Friday morning and afternoon.

                Let’s hope that next year Language Systems holds the tournament in the same place and that every team trains with exuberance to prove that their school has the best to offer in athletics, while showing off their English skills with other students and on the field.  Let’s make next year just as great.

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