Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Saying goodbye is never easy; yet it happens all too often!

Saying goodbye to a student is never easy; yet it happens all too often. As a farewell to one of my level 7 students, my students and I went to a local restaurant, 38 Degree Ale House and Grill. My students and I chose 38 Degree because of it's close distance to school. I was impressed by the contemporary and clean design.

My students and I decided on three appetizers; tempura battered onion rings, sweet potato fries, and calamari. Each of my students and I then ordered our own main course meal. The portions were generous, the onion rings were the size of my student's bracelet. While we pre-ordered dessert, unfortunately we ended up having to cancel our bread pudding a la mode.

Although I am sad to see one of my students leaving, I am glad we had a chance to come together as a class. I hope this will be one of the memories my students will remember as they leave Language Systems.

 By Jasmin Garcia. NELA Level 7 - Teacher

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