Friday, September 22, 2017

Futsal Tournament

This year’s Futsal tournament was quite competitive and filled with drama from beginning to end.  

There were some dominant teams that showed they were there to display their abilities and add points to their lead.  

Students from every campus were enthusiastic and supportive of their teams and made every effort to keep their spirit alive. 

And although not everyone can win, we all won a good time and the opportunity to meet our fellow students from other campuses and use the English abilities students came to learn.  

Torrance and OC battled it out in the end with Torrance coming out victorious.  

After the tournament, everyone was ready to take down a couple of slices of pizza and refreshments, while taking advantage of the photo booth opportunities.  

We’re sure students had a great time and made some great memories with their friends.  

We look forward to next year’s Futsal tournament and hope it will be just as fun as this year.

 By Carlos Takashima, Program Coordinator at Pasadena Campus 

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