Monday, September 18, 2017

Afternoon at Mt. Sierra College's Campus

On Wednesday, September 13th, around 30 students from the Pasadena school visited Mt. Sierra College's campus, located in Monrovia. 

LSI currently has an MRP with Mt. Sierra, so LSI students finishing level 5 are able to transfer there without a TOEFL score. 

Many students signed up because they were curious to see what this college had to offer. 

The tour started out in the beautiful lobby area where students checked in and had lunch with Mt. Sierra professors and representatives. 

After lunch, the students all moved to an auditorium where Dr. Eric Tao, the President of Mt. Sierra, welcomed the students and described the benefits of its programs, including the smaller class sizes and individual attention each student receives.

Several department heads and professors also addressed the students, talking about the practicality of each program and applying what students learn in the real world. 

After the presentations, the LSI students went on a campus tour where they viewed classrooms and resources available to Mt. Sierra students. At the end of the tour, LSI students were treated to ice cream while they practiced English with Mt. Sierra representatives and professors. 

It was a pleasant and informative visit for all the LSI students!

 By Michelle Buell, Academic Director at Language Systems International

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