Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Party 2015!!!

The annual LSI summer party was a fun-filled night with students from all four campuses coming together to celebrate the summer. This year the party was held at Oiwake, a Japanese restaurant, in Little Tokyo. 

Students and teachers gathered on Friday night (July 24th) to enjoy a delicious dinner buffet that featured a variety of Japanese dishes. 

It was great to see students, teachers, and the staff hang out in a casual environment and have some wonderful conversations. Many students and teachers sang Karaoke at the restaurant.

The highlight of the night was definitely the talent contest (Language Systems’ Got Talent) which featured four acts. The contestants were: a group of three ladies (Ruthy Bopasa, Akev and Franceemma from The DR Congo) that showcased African dance, a Japanese guitar player (Masatoshi Nishimura aka Matt), another Japanese guitar player (Ryo Higuchi) who played an electronic guitar and lastly a Japanese couple (Saharu Saito & Kai Hasegawa) who sang a gospel song. 

The gospel singers were eventually announced as the winners of the $500 prize. 

After the contest everyone danced to the music played by a Live DJ. It was definitely a night to remember. If you weren't able to attend the party and would like to watch some of the performances, head over to the LSI Facebook  or YouTube page and feel free to hit LIKE!

Sushant – #DTLA Teacher and Assistant PC

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  1. It seems like you had an amazing experience in this Summer Party 2015. Everything looks fantastic. Their dance moves are stunning. At some local party venue rentals my sister also hosted an amazing summer party in July. We all had great fun!