Friday, September 9, 2016

Getty Center Trip

The Getty center field trip was an exciting and insightful trip for many of the students. We explored the gardens read a short history of the Getty, and reviewed paintings from the Renaissance through the 19th century. 

The Getty was featuring a Rembrandt exhibit and I was able to explain the cultural and his store cool significance of the great Dutch painter.

 The students also loved to taking a tour through the Elizabethan and Victorian English and French Woodley living quarters, looking at the elegant ancient furniture, and with the style of life was for old European royalty. 

 We wrapped up the trip at the Getty with a special exhibits about Buddhist caves created by the Chinese during the tong dynasty. The Getty is featuring exact replica of these caves in a tent just in front of the museum for free! Many of the students sod is an excellent opportunity to take a glimpse into the life of their own ancient cultures. 

 All in all, the Getty Center was a wonderful trip that many of the students enjoyed from a cultural and educational perspective, and we were able to learn English as we were viewing wonderful works of Western art.

 By Jason Hardwick, Teacher at NELA 

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