Thursday, March 19, 2015

Los Angeles City Hall Tour

            Students from Language Systems Northeast Los Angeles had the privilege of taking a tour of Los Angeles CityHall on Wednesday, March 11, 2015. After battling for parking and making it to the meeting point, students were asked to remove everything from their pockets to get through the security screening. 

            Two docents welcomed students with a series of quick facts and historical explanations. The docents walked students through the main corridors of city hall and allowed them into different chambers and assembly rooms. The main battle was getting people moving at a quicker pace, as the race for the best selfie intensified with every new area visited.

            Students were surprised to find out many aspects of Los Angeles that they may have never learned otherwise. Historical displays, ancient architecture, dome art, engineering feats, and symbolic representations adorned the entirety of the building. It felt like walking through a timeline of LA’s life. It’s was a great example of our city’s history for the students to live and remember.  

By:  Carlos L Takashima #NELAcampus

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