Thursday, March 5, 2015

Karaoke Night with teacher Bhumika

Last Friday night, I organized a karaoke activity for the South Bay campus students which turned out to be a total hit. About 15-20 students from levels 1 through 7 attended. The location was not so far from school and the karaoke place was awesome. We made a reservation for the largest karaoke room which fits about 20-25 people. It was nice to have our private room with a big screen tv mounted on the wall and fancy disco lights to match the mood perfectly.

For many, it was their first time to join a karaoke event, not just in US, but the first time ever, since karaoke is not so common in their country, yet. But that didn't stop anyone from singing solos, duets and chorus all night. Also, it provided a great opportunity for students from different levels to mingle outside of school and make new friends.

Songs of many genres and moods were sung throughout the 3 or so hours we spent there. From Mamma Mia to Bruno Mars, Britney Spears to Eminem, love songs, hip hop songs...a good mix of everything. We got lucky to have students like Keisuke (level 6) who surprisingly raps very well, and Hiromi (level 3) who mesmerized us with her choice of love songs.

It was a musical and memorable evening indeed. And the students can't wait for the next karaoke activity. They have promised they are going to practice and prepare more songs to be able to sing in English !! Good Job everyone !!

Bhumika Chettiar - Teacher @SouthBayCampus

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