Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wildlife Learning Center

Saturday Jan 29th we met at LSI to carpool together deep into the San Fernando Valley!

The Wildlife Learning Center it's not a zoo. It's a non-profit sanctuary for animals that for a variety of reasons cannot return to nature. 

The Wildlife Learning Center provides these "orphans" a forever home and strives to educate the public about these special creatures. 

A trained guide gave us a hands-on experience, getting to interact with exotic and unique animals. 

We got to meet a friendly fox, an inquisitive armadillo, an adorable porcupine, and hold a huge python. 

We were also taken on a stroll through the sanctuary grounds where we got to see many more animals while our ever informative guide answered all our questions.

Upon returning to LSI, we enjoyed a Saudi Arabian feast together, swapping stories and sharing pics.

A great day was had by all!

By Sarah Katin, teacher at DTLA

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