Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Holiday Trip

On Feb 20th, 10 of us students from LSI Downtown used our holiday to go wine tasting at two Santa Barbara wineries led by teacher John. 

We were from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, and Russia. First, we visited Rusack Winery, and tasted two delicious whites and four red wines. 

Using John's 20% discount, we all were excited about buying some of the wines we tasted, the newly released Rose', as well as wine glasses and bottle-topper spouts. 

After buying lunch at a local deli, we took it over to Babcock Winery, where we enjoyed eating while tasting the six wines on their menu. 

John also bought a Babcock Cab, Sauv Blanc, and one of their famous Pinots for us to drink with the rest of our lunch. 

Even though it was raining outside, we were very comfortable in their roomy, living room-style tasting room. It was so much fun!! 

Many of us thought that this was the best wine we have ever tasted, and the scenery around the wineries was so beautiful. 

I can't wait for the next holiday so we can go again!!

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