Thursday, February 5, 2015

Clippers Game


It was a beautiful Martin Luther King Jr. holiday when I accompanied a group of Language Systems students to see the L.A. Clippers play the Boston Celtics. For many students it was their first experience riding the L.A. Metro trains, so after buying some TAP cards we were off. During the game, many of us had pretzels and popcorn among other snacks that were on offer at the Staples Center. Some of us even bought some Clippers gear. A great time was had by all. @NELAcampus
By: Jacob Slingland (Teacher) 


I had a good experience going to the Staples Center with classmates. We bought a TAP card and took the train to the Staples Center. We made it just in time. I was sitting with classmates and ate burgers and pop corn while watching the game : )
By: Feng, Yong Yan - Vivian (Student)

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