Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Basketball Tournament 2014

On Friday March 7, four LSI campuses competed in the Annual LSI Basketball Tournament. Each year students, teachers, and staff all look forward to this exciting opportunity to show school spirit as students cheer on their classmates who are competing in the games. Each school was represented by their colored T-shirts: Yellow for Downtown Los Angeles, Green for Northeast Los Angeles, Blue for Southeast Los Angeles and Red for Orange County. It was really exciting to see each school cheer for their classmates on the court. 

Despite the unity displayed in this sudden expression of joy, on that same day three schools suffered defeat, and one school celebrated ultimate victory as they took the basketball trophy back to their campus. The trophy returned to our Southeast LA campus located in Torrance, the blue team, for the second year in a row! Congratulations to them, and congratulations to all the campuses for making the day so special and so filled with good memories. Now it's time to break out the soccer cleats and to get ready for the soccer tournament! 

And this year, something new happened. About halfway through the first round of games, a group of students wearing yellow, blue, green and red T-shirts all got together in the stands and started dancing to the beat of Middle Eastern drums that the Saudi students had brought to the tournament. Students from all the campuses danced, cheered, and sang songs while our passionate and out-going Saudi students laid down a drum beat that could be heard and felt throughout the entire gymnasium. At that one moment, the cheering and dancing was not for one LSI campus in particular. It was more about a spontaneous celebration of the moment.  It was very cool to see this.

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