Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Love is in the Air at LSI!!

Love is in the Air at Language Systems International!!! 
Since February is the Season of Love throughout the United States, it’s only natural for the Students and Staff at LSI to feel the spirit of Valentine’s Day.  LSI Students were given numerous opportunities to express their love and joy in plethora of ways all through the month.

LSI Torrance and NorthEast Los Angeles campuses expressed their love and friendship for one another by having their students exchange Anonymous Pen-Pal Letters throughout the month.  LSI students were able to get to know their counterparts at other schools by writing Secret Pen-Pal letters to each other!  The activity was so successful, that quite a number of students are continuing their pen-pal correspondence even to this day!  In fact, many of these LSI Pen-pals are looking forward to the upcoming 2014 Annual LSI Basketball Tournament as a chance to finally meet their secret pen-pals in person!
LSI Torrance also decided to deepen their pockets (along with their stomachs) by providing their students with a Valentine’s Candy / Toy-Gram Activity.  LSI – Torrance students had the option of buying chocolates or Valentine’s Teddy Bears for their significant others or friends at an extremely affordable price ($2)! 

On February 14th, ALL LSI campuses provided students with even more Valentine’s related activities!  LSI  - Downtown LA provided students with a rich and indulgent Chocolate Fondue Fountain during the early morning hours!  At LSI – NorthEast Los Angeles, students felt even more love by participating in a Dating Game Activity!  The ultimate winners, won an all-expense-paid trip to the most classic of dating spots… The Movie Theater!

Happy Valentine’s Day LSI!!!

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