Friday, February 21, 2014

Adventure Class!

By Dai Liu (NELA – Intermediate Conversation – Adventure Class)

I have been taking ESL classes in different schools for almost five years, but during this semester our LSI class turns to be so special that I never thought learning English could be so cool, so interesting! We have field trips every other day - twice a week. Isn’t it something?!

We have been to Getty Center, Norton Simon Museum, Santa Monica Pier, Huntington Beach Pier; Hollywood, Farmers Markets, and Santa Anita horse races; these are all famous sightsee places. We went to shopping malls, such as the Grove, Citadel Outlet - I really like them.  Also we went to the post office, library and Union station to learn some basic life skills. It's really difficult for me to find only one place that I love the best.

I will say the most I've learned from the field trip is Union station.  Before I could buy tickets and go there by myself, and even transfer to other trains if I needed to.  But in the trip with my school, I had to finish the "task" my teacher usually gives us.  So finally I learned the history about Union station, and now I can rent a car, transfer to a bus to LAX, or buy any train ticket to any other state.  I really love this class!  Not only  can I learn a lot but also I can have a lot of chances to become friends with my classmates!

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