Friday, May 5, 2017

JPL tour by Christine

JPL (jet propulsion lab) is located in Pasadena, this place is pretty massive and tranquil. 

We reserved this tour a month ahead and went there on Friday afternoon.  The security check is very strict; a passport is required before entering the campus.  A very smart and enthusiastic engineer greeted us and led our group. 

She took us through several buildings which performed different tasks for the space exploration programs.  We watched a short introduction film about JPL in the first exhibition room. The museum is not big but was super cool and had replicas of all the space vehicles that is currently out there exploring each planet. Our second stop is the mission control center.  It’s cool to see scientists monitoring the operation of all the crafts and satellites that have been sent out.  

 The most amazing part of this tour is when we were in the room. We’ve got the chance to see some parts of “Mission 2020” which is a branch new spacecraft that will be sent to Mars. I guess some extraordinary discoveries will be made by this cute robot.  Overall, this tour was really fun and chill, and I did learn a lot about the space crafts. 

By Christine, Student at LSI - Northeast Los Angeles School

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