Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Earth Day in OC!

During the month of April, each of our Language Systems International campuses has their own way to allow students the opportunity to do something positive for the environment.  

At the Language Systems International Orange County campus, each April international students have the opportunity to participate in a volunteer project called “Beach Cleanup.”  This activity takes place at the Huntington Beach pier, and it is a chance for international students to help keep California clean by roaming the beach in search for trash and debris.  It is truly sad how much trash and debris people just throw on the beach, especially since there are large trash cans about every 30 feet (10 meters) or so. 

 For students who want to do this kind of volunteer work on a regular basis, they can join the Huntington Beach Surfrider Foundation.  This organization is dedicated to keeping California beaches clean.  The next time you visit a beach in California, remember to throw all your trash in a trash can.  If you see any trash on the beach, maybe pick up a few pieces and throw it in the trash can, even if it’s not your trash.  Together we can keep California clean!

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