Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Basketball Tournament 2016!!

On Friday, March 11th, students, staff, and teachers from all 4 Language Systems campuses got together in San Pedro for the annual Basketball Tournament! LSI-LA was decked out in yellow, NELA was looking strong in green, OC was intimidating in red, and South Bay rode in on a calm blue wave. Each team brought a cohort of supporters and cheerleaders which provided an energetic and colorful atmosphere inside the Peck Park gym.

After enjoying some early morning muffins, brownies, and juice, the games got underway! SB’s first match was against LA. OC’s first match was against NELA. LA put up a good fight, but SB was ultimately the winner of this matchup. The next opponent for SB was OC. This was a very exciting competition, as both teams appeared to be equally matched! OC and SB were virtually neck and neck for a good portion of the game, but SB once again finished strong for the win. The third and final match of the tournament saw OC and LA competing for 3rd place, and SB and NELA fighting for 1st and 2nd places. At the start of this game, NELA held a solid lead of 5-0, leaving the SB Sharks hungry for points! NELA’s team was very talented and showed no signs of weakness. Both teams were playing strong, maybe a little too strong! There were several fouls on both sides! In the second part of this match, SB found their rhythm and took out NELA 7-15 to take the trophy.
The South Bay Sharks did several victory laps around the gym, showing off their well deserved trophy. The team took celebratory shots with their cheering section and took the party outside for pizza.

All of the LSI teams made a great showing at the 2016 Basketball Tournament. The teams were very well practiced and showed a great deal of skill and preparation.

Thank you to all the players, fans, staff, and teachers for making this another great Language Systems event! We can’t wait for soccer next term!


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