Thursday, December 3, 2015

Clipper game with Ty!

On Monday November 30, 2015, a group of 15 students and 2 teachers from Language Systems -Orange County made the trip to the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles to see the Clippers take on the Portland Trail Blazers.  For most of the students, it was their very first NBA game. The Los Angeles Clippers ended up beating Portland 102 - 87.  

During the game we got to see some amazing slam dunks by the Clippers, including this massive dunk by #32 Blake Griffin.  We had such a great time!  The students were pretty impressed by how nice the Staples Center was and how close we felt to the court, even though we were sitting in the very last row (literally).  

It was close to Christmas too, so the area around the Staples Center had a lot of beautiful Christmas lights and other decorations that helped us all feel America's Christmas spirit.  It was such a great night!

Ty - Language Systems #OC

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