Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Soccer Tournament 2014!

On Friday, May 9th, LSI had its 7th Annual Gold Cup Tournament at Whittier Narrows Regional Park. The defending champions were the South Bay Sharks. 

The tournament opened with the South Bay Sharks versus the Orange County Surfers.  Both teams played great defense, so it wasn’t a surprise when the game went into overtime.  After several nail-biting shots, the South Bay Sharks came out on top for the victory. In the meantime, the LA Angels faced a formidable Northeast LA Dragons team, and despite Northeast LA’s great preparation and attitude, LA was able to win and go on to the finals against South Bay. 

For the final championship game, excited fans from South Bay and LA geared up on the side lines with pom poms and encouraging chants for their respective teams.

The game started with both teams having a strong defense and the game remained tied until half-time. Then, LA made an amazing goal with a backwards kick over the heads of the defenders. That beautiful shot changed the momentum of the game and LA sailed on to win the 7th Annual Gold Cup tournament, 4 - 1.  The fans went wild and ran onto the field to congratulate their team. Players and fans from South Bay also went on the field to congratulate the LA team on their win.

All four teams played well and represented their respective schools impressively. The players showed real sportsmanship and after the games finished, everyone sat together, had lunch, and enjoyed the beautiful California sun.

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