Thursday, April 3, 2014

Discover O.C.: Angels Stadium

April is the beginning of the American Baseball Season, and it’s a great time to discover Angels Stadium in Anaheim (Orange County).  This year Opening Day at Angels Stadium is on March 31, and in some ways, baseball’s Opening Day is the greatest day of the year for Americans like me who have fallen in love with “Our National Pastime!”
There is nothing like Opening Day, which has so much tradition, excitement and magic that old men become like children again. I know I do!  As fans begin pouring into the stadium on Opening Day, the excitement in the air is electric.  Over the cold, dark winter months we forgot how green and glorious the outfield grass is.  All winter long we have looked forward to hearing once again the crack of the bat when a player gets a hit, or the groans of the crowd after a bad call by the umpire.  And nothing can compare to hearing a fastball hit the catcher’s glove for a called third strike at the knees as the umpire rings up the batter with “Strike Three! You’re out!”
          Opening Day is also a symbol of fresh hope and second chances.  Players and teams that didn’t do so well last season now have a fresh start.  It’s a brand new season and every batter starts with a .000 batting average, and every pitcher starts with a 0.00 ERA.  As in life, one of baseball’s greatest lessons is how to learn from failure. On Opening day, fans and players share hope for the future. But the greatest thing about Opening Day is that it brings families together again, especially fathers and sons.  Since my son was two years old, we have attended Opening Day together!  When we stand and take off our hats for the singing of the first National Anthem of the season, I cry.  Then comes the awesome flyby.  My wife, my son and I all love this flyby.  We love Opening Day!
          If you find yourself in California during the springtime, you should visit Angels Stadium to experience an American Baseball game.  Tickets can be as cheap as $15-20, and you will never forget the sites, smells, and the sounds of American Baseball.  I hope you get a chance to discover Angels Stadium.

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