Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Beginning - Promises, Promises!

January is a month full of promises and new beginnings. Many people make a New Year’s resolution, or a decision to do something new or different, when the year begins.  At this time, people have a chance to change things in their lives and make plans for the future. If you haven’t decided what your New Year’s resolution will be, here are some common New Year's resolutions in the U.S. to get you started:
Lose those extra pounds gained during the holidays!
No more fast food for lunch! Try fresh fruit and vegetables and less processed food.
It is a common resolution, but one of the most difficult to fulfill.
It’s a time to learn how to cook or study a new language. The possibilities are endless!
Start making your own coffee and lunch at home! Stop eating out so much. Every little bit can add up, so even saving a little each day can make a difference.
Take a trip to Northern California and go hiking in some of the famous national parks. Take a wine tour or just hang out at the beach. There are a lot of new places to explore in California and even more possibilities in other states.
It is easier to be less stressed if you can keep your other resolutions. Meditating each day for a little or learning not to take things so seriously can really help keep your stress levels down!
Helping other people is a great way to feel happy.

After a walk around the school, we decided to ask some LSI employees what their resolutions would be. Here are their responses:
Mine is to volunteer more and of course, lose weight!” Ligia, Program Coordinator at LSI – LA
Have a haircut.” Paul, Assistant Program Coordinator and Teacher at LSI – LA
“Shave my beard!” Scott, teacher at LSI – LA
“To be less indecisive.” Tony, Foreign Student Advisor at LSI – LA
“To be a little more selfish.” Clelia, Front Office Assistant at LSI – LA
“To be rich!” Eriko, Assistant Manager at LSI – LA
“To finish writing at least another screen play.” Aluisio, Foreign Student Advisor at LSI - LA
“After volunteering with Caroline at the Midnight Mission, my New

Year's resolution is to volunteer with a non-profit organization at
least once a month.” Sushant, Assistant Program Coordinator and Teacher at LSI – LA

How about you? What are your resolutions for the New Year? Whatever you do, we wish you success and happiness in 2014!

Written by: Michelle Buell 

Taken from our monthly e-Newsletter

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  1. I have always found that a great way to make your resolution is to give up one thing that is bad for you, but to also add one thing that is good for you. This way your goals might be easier to achieve. I am giving up chocolate (so delicious but so much sugar) and adding yoga to my lifestyle. While I will miss the chocolate (I am such a chocoholic), I will really benefit from the relaxation and healthy habits of yoga! I will keep everyone posted to let you know how it goes! Keep your fingers crossed!