Friday, May 24, 2013

Discover LA: The Best Music Store in the World

Perhaps you have driven or ridden by it without ever realize its awesomeness. It is right in the heart of Hollywood next to the famous Arclight Theater. Specifically, it is on Sunset Boulevard and Cahuenga (which is also a fun word to say). The building is very distinctive because it is very colorful with art all over the outside. It’s really hard to miss! But don’t keep going by, you need to go inside to check it out! Believe me, it will be worth your time, especially if you’re a fan of music and movies or both.

First of all, Amoeba Music is huge. It is basically the size of a city block. The first floor is all music-related merchandise, and the second floor contains film and TV DVDs for purchase. The variety of amazing and sometimes rare things to buy is mind-blowing. If you can imagine it, you can get it there! It gets even better because they have new CDs, used CDs, new and used vinyl albums, posters, stickers, T-shirts…it’s unbelievable! I don’t even have a record player or a turntable, but sometimes I pick up some vinyl albums because they often have interesting art that you can use for a cheap and stylish way to decorate your place.

So if you go there, (which I highly recommend), you should prepare for two things: 1) prepare to spend more money than you had originally planned and 2) prepare to have your mind blown! It’s an incredible place, so don’t miss an opportunity to check it out! And rock on!

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